Over 600 Private Multi-Specialty Providers

working together in a Clinically Integrated Network as one team to manage disease states for better individual patient outcomes.


Florida Physicians Alliance is a network of private doctors who care for private patients.

Florida Physicians Alliance (FPA) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) and a clinically Integrated Network (CIN) of private multi-specialty physicians and healthcare providers working together to serve hundreds of thousands of patients in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Our primary and multi-specialty providers are locally and nationally recognized for their excellence in quality and efficient healthcare services.

Florida Physicians Alliance Vision

Florida Physicians Alliance (FPA) will be the most efficient and cost effective independent healthcare provider network in the Tampa Bay area.

FPA providers will reduce the fragmentation of health care services by coordinating patient care, resulting in the utmost quality and outcomes for patients.

Florida Physicians Alliance Mission

To improve patient services by providing better access with a faster Patient-to-Doctor and Doctor-to-Doctor time.

To improve efficiency and quality of medical care for all patients by coordinating and integrating healthcare, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and duplication of medical services.

To retain patients of FPA independent providers by coordinating and tracking outpatient care services. When hospitalization is necessary, FPA hospitalists will admit and coordinate with the patients’ PCPs and other providers at all local hospitals, then discharge patients back to their FPA provider.

To support physicians’ independence and autonomy in their decision-making for their patients’ healthcare needs.